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Membership Types

There are three membership types in the Dorper Sheep Society of Australia Inc.

Full Membership Level
Breeder of registered Sheep- Full Blood and/or Percentage
Access to ABRI- sheep registration facility
Receives all Society publications- includes Newsletters, Bulletins, the Annual Magazine, emails, mail outs and memos.

          Tier 2 Membership
This extra membership is available to Full Financial Members of the DSSA.
           Allows a discount rate on registration fees.
           Tier 2 membership is designed to encourage larger flocks to register their sheep. Any breeder
            registering more than 84 sheep in the year should investigate the advantages
           Tier 2 membership may offer.

Commercial Membership
Breeder of unregistered, commercial sheep
Receives Society publications- includes Newsletters, Bulletins, the Annual Magazine and selected correspondence.
No voting rights at Federal level, can vote at Regional meetings.

Junior Membership
Eighteen years of age or younger
Breeder of registered sheep- 20 Maximum
Same rights as a full member with the exception of commercial voting rights

Benefits available to Members

  • Online Service Centre – www.dorper.com.au
  • Society Service Centre providing guidance and information.
  • Representation on the Society web site.
  • Access to education courses and practical workshops.
  • Contact with a national network of proactive breeders.
  • Access to up to date industry information and outcomes.
  • Society marketing and promotion with access to Society fliers, brochures, member postage labels etc
  • Invitation to participate in sponsored National stud sales and National shows.
  • Access to Society promotional items.
  • Opportunity for Committee involvement at different levels.

The Society membership is divided into Regions incorporating the relevant states i.e;

Western Region (WA),
Central Region (SA & NT)
Southern Region (VIC & TAS)
Eastern Region (NSW)
North Eastern Region (QLD).

Each region has a Committee run by breeders and from this Committee two Federal Delegates are elected. Federal Delegates are the voice for their region and the decision makers of the Society.

Please contact Sara Winn for a 2018 membership form by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 02 6773 3805.