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The breed was introduced into Australia in 1996 with the release of Dorper embryos for sale. In the early years the Dorpers and other new African breeds received opposition from the mainstream industry. Once the Australian industry understood the benefits the Dorper and White Dorper could contribute to their lamb enterprise the breed met with spirited demand. The natural productivity of the Dorper in our environment has seen rapid uptake of the breed in the lamb industry. The growth and excellent muscularity of the breed combined with its maternal attributes and management ease has contributed to the breed being one of the fastest growing sheep breeds in Australia.

Australian breeders have imported further genetic lines from South Africa and Namibia. As in other livestock breeds our members have used these imports to develop the Australian Dorper and White Dorper to a standard where our genetics are sought after world wide. A recent sale of an Australian White Dorper ram "Terraweena Loftus" to Brazil for $45,000 highlights this demand. 

The development of the Dorper breed in low to medium rainfall areas of South Africa has assisted in the adaption of the Dorper and White Dorper breeds in the Australian environment. With rising production costs and labour shortages in the Australian Rural Industry the Dorper and White Dorper has a valuable role in the Australian sheep industry.