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The following Sheep for Sale classifieds have been supplied by the vendor.
To list Sheep for sale please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
WALCHA NSW                           Listed 18th January 2018                Ref: NSW398


66 Full Blood White Dorpers for sale.


Stud or Commercial, 13-15 months old.


Rams start at $600-$1200 +GST.


Brucellosis accredited flock, vet checked, vaccinated, good shedders.


Burrawang, Nomuula & Bellevue sires.


Contact Kelly Benson 0427 789 072 for further details.


Photos can be seen on Facebook page: Bensons WHITE Dorpers


SOUTHBROOK QLD                           Listed 10th January 2018             Ref: QLD297


Spring Hill White Dorper Stud has rams available now. They are full blood and well grown with Lambplan EBVs.


Contact Peter Lynch 0427 716 456 for further details.



COUTTS CROSSING NSW                    Listed 16th October 2017              Ref: NSW295

Munbilla Dorpers D170

20 x Commercial 2016 drop Dorper Rams for sale. 

15-18 months, good shedders, from Type 4 and 5 stud ewes, mostly by T5 Whynot Dorpers sire.

Rams classed by Raymond Read as sound T3/commercial rams in May 2017. 

From $660. Delivery can be arranged for bulk purchases.

OJD tested negative since 2009. Ovine Brucellosis Accredited Flock.

For photos and further details please go to our website http://oldmunbilladorpers.weebly.com/

Please contact: Graeme Budd 0479 034 456


BRIDGETOWN WA                          Listed 4th October 2017                      Ref: WA294

Bridegetown Dorpers D018


Bridgetown Dorper Stud has been in the process of reducing the flock numbers through the sale of older sheep.  There now remain the following:

89 Ewes classed as Commercial @ $250 + GST each if purchased as a whole or from $250 + GST if purchased individually (according to age and quality)

56 Ewes classed as Stud @ $350 +GST each if purchased as a whole or from $350 + GST in purchased individually (according to age and quality)

If a purchaser wishes to take all the ewes then a further discount is offered and the 145 ewes will cost $41,000 +GST

All ewes now running with Rams. Ewes and rams in good condition.

1 Ram used as a stud $1500 +GST

1 Ram classed as Type 5 Stud $3000 + GST


Please contact Collin Jeffery either via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0427 611 806


WALLINGAN QLD                         Listed 4th October 2017                        Ref: QLD293

Fraser Coast Dorpers D1022

Fraser Coast Dorpers, (Hervey Bay), has the following Full Blood and Dorper Rams/ Ewes and Lambs available.  All registered or registerable, with the Dorper Sheep Society of Australia.   
Our flock is Ovine Brucellosis Accredited, OJD Free and Dermatosparaxis declared free.   
All quoted prices are ex gst.


Rams   (Registered)    Lot Buy $ 2,400 or individually as priced

Sires are Castlebar, Tinalong bloodlines, Dams are Bellevue, Amarula bloodlines

        DOB 21/9/16   160047              “Barton”           84kgs 21/9/17            $ 800

        DOB 19/9/16   160038              “Prince”            75kgs 21/9/17            $ 800

        DOB 9/10/16   160037              “Onassis”         72kgs 21/9/17            $ 500

       DOB 24/3/17   170056              “ Fred”              50kgs 21/9/17            $ 500

Single Ewes (Registered)         Lot Buy $ 700 or individually as priced

Sires are Amarula and Bellevue bloodlines, Dams are Tinalong, Winrae bloodlines.

        1 x 2014            $ 300                  1x 2015 $ 300                1 x 2017     $ 200

Ewes with Lamb(s) (Registered)    Lot Buy ( 8 Ewes, 10 Lambs)  $3,800  or individually as priced.

Sires are Amarula ,Tinalong, Bellevue bloodlines, Dams are Tinalong, Winrae bloodlines.

Ewe  2014        with Twin Lambs DOB 16/6/17 (ram & ewe) $ 600

Ewe 2015          with ewe lamb DOB 10/8/17 $ 500

Ewe 2015          with twin ewe lambs DOB 3/8/17 $ 700

Ewe 2015          with a Ram Lamb DOB 17/8/17          $ 450

Ewe 2014          with ewe lamb DOB 7/6/17   $ 500

Ewe 2015          with ram lamb 15/8/17$ 450

Ewe 2014          with ram lamb 6/6/17 $ 450

Ewe 2014          with ram lamb 3/8/17 $ 450


Enquiries and Inspections invited.

Fraser Coast Dorpers M: 0428328487  E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


NORTHAM WA                             Listed 12th September 2017               Ref: WA291

Sundridge White Dorpers WD505

White Dorper Rams and Ewes for sale. Kaya/Saxon Downs blood lines. Purebred, registered, 12-15 months.

Type 5, Type 4 and Type 3 Rams and Ewes. All good shedders, nice type, vaccinated and wormed.  Rams are Brucellosis and Dermatosparaxis tested negative. Quiet to handle.

Rams from $880 (GST inclusive). Discounts for multiple purchases. Photos available.

Located Spencers Brook, Northam.  For more information contact Sue Beetson 0417 177 038


CURRENCY CREEK SA                Listed 31st August 2017                       Ref: SA290

Arcadius D091 and WD147

Dorper Ewes for sale (group of 4) $275 each. 
3 at 10 months, 1 at 7 months.  (Young ewe is a pet and may not suit everyone).  Kaya/Amarula bloodlines.

Some weaner ewes available in October.


Dorper and White Dorper Rams for sale $330 each.
4 Dorper rams at 12 months - Kaya/Amarula bloodlines.
1 aged Dorper sire - clean sheeding, triplet ram, T5, Kaya bloodlines.
3 White Dorper rams at 12 months - Terraweena/Kayabloodlines


Flock Bruc Accredited. Sheep can all be registered.


Please contact Cathy 08 8555 4186 for more information.


MONARTO SA                                Listed 27th July 2017                       Ref: SA288

Jabbok White Dorper Stud WD376

Full blood White Dorper Rams 2015/16 drop, out of Type 4 and Type 5 sires and dams. 
Good shedding, excellent temperament, Ovine Bruc Acc 1209, Dermo free.

Enquiries to Barbara or Cate: 0407 344 173.

MOONBI NSW                                Listed 24th July 2017                       Ref: NSW287

Nomuula Dorpers and White Dorpers WD915

20 x 2016 T3 maiden ewes scanned in lamb to T5 ram out of T4 and T5 ewes. 
Ready to start lambing end of August.  $300 each plus GST.

Brucellosis Accredited Flock.  OJD Vaccinated.

Contact Cherilyn Lowe 0413 611 011






MUDGEE NSW             Listed 11th January 2013          Ref:NSW078