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Newsletter - August 2015

National Show Report 2015

Newsletter - March 2015


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Southern Region Newsletter 2016 - Part 1 and Part 2

Southern Region Newsletter - Issue 2 for 2015

Southern Region Newsletter - Issue 1 for 2015


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Central Region Newsletter - June 2016

Central Region Newsletter - Issue 2 for 2011

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Eastern Region Newsletter - April 2011

Eastern Region Newsletter - Feb 2011

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Western Region AGM Notice and Newsletter

Western Region Newsletter - 8th May 2015

Western Region Newsletter - 15th March 2015

Western Region Newsletter - 13th January 2015

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Members are encouraged to forward information on their studs, items of interest or any other type of data/photographs that they feel would be of interest to other members. The Secretariat requires your assistance in this area for a successful newsletter to be produced.

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