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It's a royal affair for three of Hay War Memorial High School's sheep, who are having an extended holiday in Sydney to meet the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

The three White Dorpers - Ace, Alice and Rosie - were taken to the Sydney Royal Easter Show as part of a team of 12 sheep and 12 students.

While the school won prizes in many categories, the three White Dorpers were asked to be left behind for a royal inspection.

Head agricultural teacher at the school James Caughey said the school has a very strong agricultural program with more than 30 of the 195 students, participating in some form of agriculture.

Mr Caughey said Ace, Rosie and Alice came from top-grade genetics.

Some of the awards won by the school included second place in the objective measurement class for White Dorper sheep, awarded to Ace, and third place in the objective measurement class for Dorpers.

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