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Saturday March 22, 2014 - “On Property” at Updales Dorpers, Angas Valley SA.

The day got off to an early start with the first attendees coming up the drive at 8.15am (advertised start time 10am!!!) The early birds got put to work assisting with the sorting and penning of rams.

By 10am we had over 45 visitors wandering the displays of commercial and stud sheep, and many were pondering the question of “why would you not buy this ewe?” who was penned in the yards....(she is a 3 year old maiden was the answer).

Special guest speaker Adrian Veitch took the microphone at 10.30 and the 55 people on hand by this stage took seats and enjoyed his discussion on “Why Dorpers?”, followed by a guide on what to look for, and look out for, when selecting animals. Sadly we did not have a sheep with loose shoulders to show off!

The questions just kept on coming and it was well after 1.30pm before Adrian got some lunch from the BBQ.

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