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Congratulations to all the Dorper breeders who took the opportunity to have their commercial programs assessed
in this competition which is based on the specifications of the industry processing sector.

Judging of the carcases was based on a points system at Fletcher International Exports. The carcases were judged on fat colour, evenness, muscle and fat distribution.

The Grand Champion Hoof and Hook Pen were won by S Cresswell with White Dorpers in the Trade class.

The Champion Hook Pen was won by Matt & Kate Spry of Sprys White Dorpers in the Export class. The Spry’s
carcases dressed out at 53.35%.

In the Trade Classes Reserve Champion Hook Pen was won by Burrawang West operated by Graham and Jana Pickles, who also took out the Reserve Champion Hoof Pen. Burrawang West had a very impressive day, winning the Highest Individual Scoring Carcase on the hook with a 56.8% yield.

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