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Owned and operated by fifth generation farmers Camille and Tim Sides, Ellamatta, is a white dorper farm, that doesn't use dogs, has no need for shearers and tries to create a stress free environment for the lambs.

"All our sheep are rounded up on foot," co-owner Camille said.

"Our lambs are slaughtered in Leeton and butchered at Knight's in Wagga," she said.

This Saturday, the Sides will sell their lamb at Wagga's Farmers Market, something Camille said they whole-heartedly support.

"We want ways for local people to have access to local produce," she said.

Ensuring the sheep have as stress-free an environment as possible, increases meat quality, Camille said.

While their prices may be a little bit higher than bargain-basement prices shoppers have become accustomed to thanks to the rigorous supermarket wars between Coles and Woolworths, Camille said customers would be able to taste the difference.

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