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TRUNDLE's red soil country and 450 to 475 millimetre annual rainfall suits the district's mixed-farming enterprises.

But the Kerin family of "Eden Valley" has moved away from cropping to become full-time Dorper prime lamb producers.

They have split their flock of 1500 ewes into three mobs and join 11 weeks apart.

This enables an even supply of lambs throughout the year which sell at 20 to 22 kilograms dressed weight, straight off their mothers at five months of age.

Ben Kerin and partner Katie Morrison run the 2000-hectare aggregation with Ben's father, Barrie.

Ben Kerin said their holistic grazing system was based on native herbages and they no longer cropped.

"That's what we can grow the most of without inputs and the Dorper's ability to convert whatever is growing to meat without supplements is just one of their virtues," he said.


Full story in The Land January 15th 2015 P 51