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AMARULA Dorpers, Gravesend, annual sale achieved a strong clearance and high average at the beginning of a promising season.

All 106 rams offered at the sale sold to a top of $5600 and averaged $1922. 

There was also 21 ewes offered which were all sold for an average of $1800 and a top of $4000.

Phillip and Trish Palmer, "Overnewton Station", Ivanhoe, purchased both of the top priced rams at the sale for $5600.

Amurula 134075 was a 20 month old ram with Australian sheep breeding values (ASBVs) of 1.7 millimetres for eye muscle depth (EDP), 121.4 for self replacing index (SRC) and 0.3mm for post weaning fat (PFAT).

The 10 month old Amurula 144438 also made $5600 and had ASBVs of 2.9mm for EDP, 0.9mm for PFAT and 4.4 kilograms for weaning weight (WWT).

Mr Palmer said both of the rams were well put together and good, safe sheep.

The Palmers, purchased a total of 22 rams at the sale to a top of $5600 and averaging $1686 to use on their commercial lamb operation.

The Palmers produce lambs that are sent directly to the Junee abattoirs, usually at about 10 months when they reach between 20 to 22kg. Mr Palmer said all of the rams would be used over their ewes commercialy and the two top rams in particular would help produce heavy lambs.

"They're good, heavy, well dressed rams," he said.

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