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IN AN impressive Sydney Royal debut, Nomuula Dorper stud, Moonbi via Tamworth, claimed two of the four broad ribbons ups for grabs in this year's showring with a show team of just three sheep.

Stud principal, Cherilyn Lowe, exhibited just three sheep at Sydney - an April-May 2014-drop ewe which was grand champion; a June-July 2014-drop ram which was the reserve grand champion ram, and a second ewe, June-July 2014-drop which placed second in her class.

All three sheep were sired by Dell Jumbo, an $11,000 ram Ms Lowe bought from Dell Dorpers in September 2013 but unfortunately the ram died from pneumonia about six months after the purchase.

Jumbo's genetic legacy was also recognised in the three sheep combining to win the sire's progeny class for Nomuula.

Judge, Andrea van Neikerk, Dell Dorpers, Moama, described Nomuula's top ewe as stunning - "very good on her legs and feet, very long and very feminine".

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