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DORPER lamb is set to become a luxury brand.

That's the opinion of Dorper Lamb director Graeme Howie, who this week told Farm Weekly South East Asian markets were developing a taste for WA's Dorper lamb.

"As the world's tastes change and a food obsession trend emerges, a growing indulgence in luxurious wines and food products such as the Wagyu beef brand have paved the way for other red meat markets," he said. "The Dorper Lamb brand is considered a luxury food brand in Singapore, more than just another food product.

"The demand has become so strong, we can't supply the whole market," he said.

"It is set to become a high demand product that will be a luxury top end food brand.

"A lot of people in these markets previously didn't eat lamb at all, because they didn't like the smell of Australian lamb.

"But they have moved to eating Dorper lamb.

"The Malaysian market has increased its volume to about 500 to 800 lambs a month."

The Dorper lamb brand has been established in Malaysia and Singapore for more than six years and supplies top end hotels and restaurants, but the WA company is planning to take its product across South East Asia.

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