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Jamie McTaggart has had enough of consumers thinking all lamb is the same. The specialist sheep meat producer — who has turned his back on his family’s long Merino wool heritage in
favour of breeding 50,000 South African Dorper meat lambs a year — knows it is just not true.

He also thinks it is time Australians who love throwing a lamb chop on the barbecue — or a marinated slow-cooked lamb shoulder in the oven — were given a greater right to choose the
quality of lamb meat they want to buy.

“Think about when you walk into a butcher’s shop or supermarket — there is all this high-priced beef branded as top-quality Angus or wagyu, distinguishing it from the rest, yet all we sell is
lamb like a bulk commodity,” Mr McTaggart said yesterday from his outback property near Quorn, 39km northeast of Port Augusta.

“Consumers now, especially the Chinese, are so brand-conscious and want to know that if they pay a higher price for a particular brand or breed of beef, it will always be top quality; we should
be doing the same for Dorper lamb.”

The hope of the Australian Dorper Sheep Society backed by Meat and Livestock Australia is that the Dorper breed can become the “Angus” of the sheep world.

The Dorper society, of which Mr McTaggart is national president, has seized the initiative to become the first lamb “brand” for consumers.

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