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The top price of $10,000 was achieved twice during the Dorper & White Dorper National Sale. First to make the top price was a Dorper ram offered by Amarula, Amarula 113214 (aka Apache). Well known around the show circuit Apache was knocked down for the equal top price to Philip and Trish Palmer, Overnewton Dorpers. Amarula also sold the top price White Dorper ram at $10,000 with Amarula White 120087 selling to Grant and Julie  Glinski, Wirlinga Park White Dorper stud near Albury. Another Amarula Ram Dirk Diggler sold to a syndicate of Valhalla Dorpers, New Zeland and Danny Teskera, Roslynmead stud for $6,000. A semen interest in this sire was aquired by Philip Glass from Half Circle Six Ranch, USA.

A Dorper ram offered by Global Genetics sold for $8,000 and Bellevue sold a White Dorper ram for $7,000. Dell Dorpers also their top ram for $7,500. In total 67 Dorper rams were offered with 54 selling to atop of $10,000 and average $ 2,244. Seventy eight White Dorper rams were offered with 56 selling to a top of $10,000 and $2,046 average.

In the ewe offering Dell Dorpers topped the sale at $4,500 for a Dorper ewe with twin lambs at foot purchased by Terry Cotter. In White Dorpers Amarula White and Sprys both sold a ewe for $3,000. Amarula also doanted a ewe to raise funds to promote junior development in the DSSA and this ewe made $2,000. Dorper ewes: offered 21, sold 20 to a top of $4,500 and average $1,663. White Dorper ewes: Offered 24 sold 20 to a top of $3,000 (twice) and an average of $1.140. Landmark were the agents for the sale.